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Wholesale Commercial Bakery & Distribution Services
Strictly From Scratch

Cornershop Bakery
800 North 17th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone: 602.258.1158
Fax: 602.258.1171
Contact: orders@sfscratch.com

Wholesale Commercial Bakery and Distribution Services Phoenix, Arizona


-Hours of Operation-

Office Hours
Will Call Pick-Up

Monday 6:00AM–3PM
Tuesday 6:00AM–3PM
Wednesday 6:00AM–3PM
Thursday 6:00AM–3PM
Friday 6:00AM–3PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

~Delivery Hours~
Local In Town Fresh

Monday 12:00AM–10:00 AM
Tuesday 12:00AM–10:00 AM 
Wednesday 12:00AM–10:00 AM
Thursday 12:00AM–10:00 AM 
Friday 12:00AM–10:00 AM 
Saturday: 12:00AM–10:00 AM

~Order Desk~
Local In Town Fresh
(Next Day Orders After 1PM Are Subject To Denial)

Monday 6:00AM–2PM
Tuesday 6:00AM–2PM
Wednesday 6:00AM–2PM
Thursday 6:00AM–2PM
Friday 6:00AM–2PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed 

***Orders are processed during the above hours*** 
You may order outside these hours by phone, fax, email, or sales team with the understanding of that the above hours is the only time SFS order desk will processes orders. We do our best to confirm all orders, but please confirm your orders.


BRC Certified Wholesale Bakery Phoenix Arizona

Local First Arizona 
Wholesale Bakery Phoenix Arizona

Wholesale Bakery
Phoenix Arizona
Wholesale Bakery Phoenix Arizona

Contact- Strictly From Scratch Cornershop Bakery Phoenix, Arizona
Wholesale Bakery & Distribution Services
Supplying Fresh & Frozen Wholesale Bakery Goods